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 Foundation "Baltic Institute of Social Sciences" is implementing a project "The analysis of integration of Latvian non-citizens: RESEARCH, PROGNOSIS, SOLUTIONS AND DIALOGUE" 

The project aims to promote the process of naturalization and dialogue with non-citizens. The target group is Latvian non-citizens as well as experts and national authorities and municipal employees working with non-citizens. The project will be implemented in the big cities with the largest number of non-citizens in Latvia - Riga, Daugavpils, Liepaja and Jelgava. Read more


BISS has accomplished the study about strategic planning system in

BISS on the behalf of State Chancellery of Latvia has accomplished research project “Impact Assessment of the Strategic Planning System in Latvia and the “Guidelines for Development of the System of Political Planning””. The study's main objectives were: (1) to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing planning system and to propose recommendations for the new Guidelines for Policy Planning System Development for the next programming period; (2) to make an approbation of the methodology for the evaluation of strategic planning documents in Latvia (including an example evaluation of strategic planning documents in one particular policy area – health).

The chosen approach of the study involved both quantitative and qualitative sociological research methods as well as document analysis of planning documents and legislative acts. The study was funded by European Social Fund.


 BISS has accomplished the study of ethnic and linguistic diversity in the pre-primary education institutions  

BISS in cooperation with The Latvian Language Agency, implementing action plan for community cohesion in the education sector 2012-2014 of the Ministry of Education and Science, has accomplished research project “Ethnic Heterogeneity in Pre-primary Education Institutions in Latvia: Study of Linguistic Situation for Implementation of Bilingual Education” . Aims of the research were to clarify pre-schools' staff readiness to work within ethnically and linguistically diverse environment, to obtain both information on the Latvian language learning process and staff readiness for implementation of bilingual education in pre-schools.

The research included 406 pre-school staff survey, case studies about the Latvian language learning process in 15 pre-school groups with Russian learning language, which are attended by children aged 5 to 6 years, and in-depth interviews with pre-primary education professionals in various fields. The research results are transferred to The Latvian Language Agency.


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