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  BISS has accomplished a reserch project about minority participation in democratic processes in Latvia

The research on minority participation in democratic processes in Latvia was elaborated by the foundation “Baltic Institute of Social Sciences” and supervised by the Ministry of Culture of Latvia. Aim of the research was to collect information on minorities' non-governmental organizations in Latvia and to elicit both sense of belonging and participation in political and social processes of minorities in Latvia.

The research report is prepared in Latvian, English and Russian. It is available here.


 BISS has implemented a study on the future role and development of the public administration 

Study on the future role and development of the public administration was elaborated by the foundation “Baltic Institute of Social Sciences” and “O.D.A” Ltd. and supervised by the State Chancellery of Latvia. The general objective of the study was to obtain analytical information and proposals, by implementation of which the work of the structural units of personnel management of the Latvian public administration will be improved, shifting the emphasis from technical and administrative functions to strategic actions, which will allow acting proactively instead of reacting to changes. The results of the study will be used for further development and introduction of the human resources policy.

The following tasks were performed in order to achieve the goal of the study:

  • A prognosis on the tendencies of development of the Latvian public administration was elaborated and a plan for actions “Public Administration as the Best Employer 2025” was drafted;
  • Requirements of the young generation towards the employer and the prestige of public administration as the employer were explored as well as characteristics of the young generation as an employee presented;
  • A vision on the role of the future manager was offered and characteristics of the future manager provided.

Reserch report


 BISS has accomplished a project "The analysis of integration of Latvian non-citizens: RESEARCH, PROGNOSIS, SOLUTIONS AND DIALOGUE" 

The project aim was to promote the process of naturalization and dialogue with non-citizens. The target group was Latvian non-citizens as well as experts and national authorities and municipal employees working with non-citizens. The project was implemented in the big cities with the largest number of non-citizens in Latvia - Riga, Daugavpils, Liepaja and Jelgava.

The monograph that has been prepared within the project is based on the following information sources and data obtaining methods: (1) research of theoretical literature on the citizenship issues; (2) analysis of the available statistical data; (3) secondary analysis of the data of previously made surveys with non-citizens; (4) carrying out in-depth interviews with non-citizens (total number of interviews – 40 interviews); (5) forecasting of the change in numbers of non-citizens for the next 5, 10 and 20 years, basing on the statistical analysis and data of interviews; (6) findings obtained at the approbation workshop in Riga and discussion circles in Jelgava, Liepāja, Daugavpils and Riga; (7) integrated analysis of the obtained information. The full text of the monograph “The analysis of integration of Latvian non-citizens” is available here.



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